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Where do good ideas come from?

A series of interactive and practical organisational and personal development workshops. Co-facilitated by Stephanie Barnes, Phil Dodson and Doug Shaw.

Innovation and creativity, powerful skills we need for differentiation purposes in business, and to which we are attracted as humans. Sadly, too often we let self-criticism and anxiety hold us back from being creative.

In the right environment, and with the right tools and techniques, we can progress past these blocks and let creativity and innovation become a regular, useful part of our daily lives and careers.

We invite you to join us for a day of carefully yet loosely structured exploration and work, focusing on:

  • Exploring curiosity
  • Identifying and applying the creative process
  • Learning ways to come up with new ideas and overcoming creative blocks
  • Reflecting on and adapting our own creative strengths and weaknesses

Crucially, the day will help you develop both personally, and in the context of your organisation. The session will be similar on each day – so pick the date which suits you best, and BOOK NOW: London, Berlin

Pay it forward –  we are experimenting with a new method of ticketing for this work. For every five tickets sold, we will draw a name at random from those five, and give a free ticket to that person, to do with as they please. Think of it as pay it forward meets random acts of kindness!


We’d like to thank Herman Miller, Betahaus and The Wesley Hotel for their generous support for these events. It is thanks to them that we are able to offer The Art of Innovation to you at such good value.


For further information about the day – please read on.

Through years of experimentation and hard work in our knowledge management, collaborative, and artistic practices, we have uncovered some important qualities which are necessary in order to sustain innovation and creativity.

They include:

Leadership…Fluid and dynamic, to suit the emerging environment

Curiosity…An inquiring mind

Resilience…Strengthening and softening

Reflection…Thinking time

Improvisation…Going with the flow

A sense of community…Belonging

Exploring these themes, and how we can practice and improve our work using them, will form the basis of our time together.

The outline for the day looks like this:


  • Principles of Work
  • Needs Analysis

Creativity and our organisations

  • Critical Thinking
  • Innovation
  • Competitive Advantage

Personal Example

  • Deep Work
  • Vulnerability



Your lunch and all materials are included in the ticket price.

How Will We Work?

We work in an encouraging, non-judgemental environment, and use a wide range of invitational activities, all of which are designed to stimulate different ways of thinking about your work.

How Will I Benefit?

Through our work together, you can expect to gain improved self-confidence and resilience, and take away practical tools and ideas to help you be more curious and creative, enabling you to create better work for yourself and your team.

You will take away any artworks you make on the day, some good quality art materials to enable you to continue your adventures, a reading list, and some creative prompts to support your learning.

What do other people say about our work?

‘I had such a great day. The session got me thinking about how I can apply these methods in a work situation – at team meetings, 1:1 coaching and in vision and strategy setting sessions.’

‘It was great to work on a shared problem-solving activity that also allowed individual reflection. I quickly got to the heart of something that had been bothering me for a while, in a way that just talking about it hadn’t enabled.’

‘An opportunity to reflect and contemplate working life whilst considering how we can use art to be more creative, innovative and effective.’

‘It was an inspiring and engaging session that throws you back to being a child in a moment – to look at the world through different eyes, and interpret it through art without any fear of judgement from yourself or others. It is an amazing team day.’

‘Great session. It appears I can draw, despite 20+ years thinking I couldn’t’.

‘Art of Innovation is a refreshing and engaging concept. There are many seminars and events where attendees are merely bystanders, but this is different. I have watched people share moving, funny and engaging stories after working on a piece of art for only a few minutes. Many attendees are disappointed that the time goes so quickly – that is a good enough reference in itself.’

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