February 19th 2018 : London. Live participatory creative workshop and exhibit exploring the theme ‘Your London’. This is a closed event for a global client at their London head office. We will share pictures from the session after the event has taken place.

March 8th 2018 : London. Workplace Trends Cutting Edge Research Summit. Doug Shaw will be giving a talk on the proven benefits of creativity at work. Click here for more information and to book conference tickets.

March 31, 2018: Berlin. Creativity and Resilience workshop. Brotfabrik. Stephanie Barnes will do an afternoon workshop on creativity and resilience as part of her exhibition at Brotfabrik. More information will be provided when it becomes available.

May 17th 2018 : London. Creativity in Motion. A one day short course on creativity and creative practice for problem solving and collaboration. More details available soon.